Image/video grid documentation

Where is the documentation for the new image/video grid?
How do I include a Vimeo video in a grid?


Hi @mistersteve, we’re still working on the documentation, sorry about the delay. You add a vimeo video in a grid by opening the edit popup and clicking add vimeo.

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Thanks for the response.

Clicking “Add Vimeo” doesn’t work for me. Here’s what I did.

  1. I add an Image/Video Grid to a page.
  2. I click on the empty grid.
  3. I click the “Edit” button in the Inspector.
  4. I click “Add Vimeo”.
  5. I paste the complete URL of my public Vimeo video in the box labeled “URL OR ID” and press Enter. A thumbnail of my Vimeo video is displayed in the grid.
  6. In Preview and on the published page, an empty grid is displayed. The grid evidently contains a video link, but when clicked, a video placeholder icon is displayed.

See Page 1

I’d love to try out this new feature, but I need help in getting it to work.


Please email us that test project at and we’ll take a look, thanks!