Image zoom works on and off

Hello everyone,
I’ve notice that my lightbox image zoom works on and off
when I open Sparkle. When I test it in preview, sometimes it zoom when
I click a t-shirt, sometimes it just make the whole thing greyish…

While i’m here posting, occasionally my “move to back” element comes back
in front … I have to do “move to back” again, it works for a while and I’m
back to square one after a few days. I’m not publish yet, still working on the

Any suggestions?

I think what you’re seeing is a bug in Sparkle 2.8.2, we fixed it for 2.8.3 (not released yet, but soon).

The bug happens when while in preview you navigate away, that’s why it’s seemingly random (and why bugs are fun).

Thanks Duncan … Sparkle is amazing !

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