Images not exporting after updating

Hi, I just updated Sparkle Pro to latest version, 4.0.2, when I export to disk my pages only the first image shows up, all the other ones below display a white space. Never had this issue before. Tried several of my files, same result. Any ideas?

Or is there any way to downgrade to version 4.0.0 or 4.01?

Please @Dada512 contact @duncan with this issue because from the forums-end it is very hard to diagnose.

Sorry the screenshot is insufficient to explain the problem, and there is no known issue with images not showing. The only thing that comes to mind is not having exported in “offline compatible” mode. But please send any relevant screenshot (best if not cropped and reduced too much) and project file to and we’ll look into it.

Thank you Duncan, I changed the disk export setting to “Offline compatible”, and all is good now. Not sure why it was reset to “High Performance” after updating. Thanks!