Images Not Loading

Brand spankity new to Sparkle as of today… Testing it out using the templates. Using the Publish button to upload the site. Signs in, all that jazz and whatever it does behind the scenes…

No images load - everything else does - no matter what template I use. Even tried creating my own site. Same issue… Looks like all the files are on the server in the correct folders too… What am I missing ?

Thanks in advance… Looking forward to using Sparkle !!

Hi @golfnutz, sorry about the trouble, not something that happens on Sparkle sites normally, so something specific to your site or web host.

What’s the address of the site?

@golfnutz, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Do you see the images when you Preview your Sparkle site before uploading?
Could it be SSL Certificate related?

Thanks guys. Appreciate the quick response… So this is very strange and I’ve been trying all kinds of things to see if I can get it to work. I’ve tried publishing the site via the app and also using the “export to disk” function then using FileZilla to upload the files. That always worked in the past for me with no issues.

FF: I CAN see the images when I “preview” the site from within Sparkle.

D: Using FileZilla, I uploaded a very small piece of code just to display one of the images in the “/image” folder that Sparkle created and that worked.

Note: I have used this server / domain for quite some time so it’s not “new”… All the files are there (I wiped the server of the index and the css, js, images folders and re-published) to make sure there were no overlaps,etc. Very strange.

I’m going to try a different template to see what happens… I’ll post results…

Your attempt to figure it out yourself is likely going to lead to learning, which is always cool. Anyway if you want the answer right away please share the website address, either here or on our support email:

This turned out to be the Microsoft IIS configuration issue mentioned here:

Yep… Adding the config file to the server did the trick !! Thank you, @duncan