Implementation of a Job Board or Job Ad

Hi Sparkler, does anyone have any idea? Is it possible to implement some kind of job search, job board or job finder in Sparkle? Has anyone ever tried something like this?
It would be nice to have the job title with a short scanner and when clicked the job ad opens. A database will not be linked, so a simple send with attachment would suffice.
It would be great if someone could help me here. It would be no problem for me to buy the developer tool.

Hi Steffi.

I have an idea :bulb:

About how many job ads are talking? Why not “abusing” the blog feature for this? You have the overview (blog index) and the detailed description (blog page). It is searchable with the site search tool and you can add as many tags you need to filter.

What do you think?

Mr. F.

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Or perhaps just use popups. Have the basic text on the button and then click to open the full job spec. Even put a pdf on the popup for them to download all the info.

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Good idea, haven’t used a blog before. Thank you.

I thought about that, but it is not very elegant. Thank you!