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I would like to create a website for a client with a list, similar like a price list. However, the content changes frequently. The changes should be made by the client. But the client has no MAC and no SPAKLE and just basic knowledge of windows computers. The client wants to do the changes in a text file or CSV file and transfer the txt/csv-file via FTP to a folder on the web server.

Is it possible in SPARKLE to import text content from a external txt-file to a corresponding position on the webpage? Is there a way to do this with “Code Integration”? Thanks for every tips and samples.


Hi Franky,

Here’s the solution I use…

Sparkle can’t do it. But Apple’s Keynote makes it easy without any file export/upload;

  1. Create a table in Apple’s Keynote, go to the Share menu, and select Collaborate With Others .
  2. Select “Copy Link”.
  3. Under Share Options, set Who can access to “Anyone with the link” and Permission to “view Only”.
  4. After Keynote and iCloud process your presentation, there will be a URL on your clipboard. There’s no confirmation of this. Paste that link into the file section in the embed code below;

Then copy this into the embed box in Sparkle.

Your client then logs into to access the Keynote table, enter data, and make changes. The table on the website will update automatically. Client can access from any web browser with any computer, tablet, and smartphone.


Genius!!! :brain:

A great workable solution @thetravelhikelife! :slight_smile:


Really good creativity to be had here as this isn’t just for tables. It applies to text, images, video, music, and even more, especially if created through Keynote on an Apple device.


The trick is really good. But @Franky says that his client has NO MAC. How can he use Keynote then?

Or does it work with products from M**Soft as well?

Mr. F.

Hello @Mr_Fozzie

The client can edit the keynote document on iCloud and that works with any modern browser … but you need an Apple ID

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Hi Jeffrey,
Many thanks for you reply. Yes, that could be a possible way. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to display the Keynote file on the webpage yet.

Which part of the code must be replaced with the iCloud link? My keynote file in iCloud is “Test.key”. So I tried it with this code.

<iframe src="" width="640“ height="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="1" referrer="no-referrer"></iframe>

No display in preview and no display after loading to the web server. Any idea what’s wrong?
Frank, the non-coder

I tried this and didn’t work for me either: no dice in preview and published on a server it also didn’t work.

@Franky: I did spot a small error in your code above, the parentheses after 640 aren’t right. I cleaned it up in the code underneath (but that didn’t work for me either).

<iframe src="" width="640" height="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="1" referrer="no-referrer"></iframe>

But your code not working might be due to the “…” part in “0p-M45q…DwMQw”

The test.key file is showing “Permission” and “Sharing” as not active. Turn those on as I wrote and post the iCloud link here and I’ll test on my end.