Import in 1920px mode

Is there a solution to import a site in 1920px?
Because the import is only possible in 960px (i suppose) at home and therefore, I lose a lot of information because the site goes into reduced mode (a bit like if it were on a smartphone).
Thank you all

I have been asking about this as well, but for now it is set for a 960 device.

You could, but it is not perfect, import your site on a 1920 device, and once done select all the elements and group them and then scale it out to the width of the 1920. But like I said not a perfect solution.

Hello @FlaminFig ,
Thanks for your help. Indeed it does not suit me at all because once imported (as on smartphone) the site is completely redone.
I hope that this choice option will be implemented in a future version.
Have a good day

There’s a hidden import feature, holding the alt (option) key on the keyboard when opening the import window, it will then let you resize the import window.


Perfect @duncan , that’s exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks for your help :+1: