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Hi, I created a website a while ago and I have all the html files, is there a way to import multiple html pages to recreate the site using sparkle?

Try the Insert menu -> Import Page.

Hi habboud: Thanks for your response. I did import pages from another site that I created in the past and I finished my site using Sparkle (, but I have the files from another site and it has several categories (so I have many folders with many html pages), and was wondering if I can import all at once. Also, can you explain how the sections work or the purpose?

@silviangelica, At this stage Sparkle only imports a website one html page at a time. The import window has the website running it it so it is just a matter of using it to go through the website and hit the import button on the pages you want.

Sections, a good explanation is here -, and here

You can relate to a “section” as a group of pages that makeup a subsection category of your website and that becomes part of sub- menu to your main menu.

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thank you… I will work then page by page.

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