Import Website into Sparkle

Love this convenient import feature that has saved me hours.
Just one little quibble. After I import a site, there’s always a blank page at the top of the stack of pages…an unneeded page that I always have to delete.
Would it be possible to not have that blank page?
Sparkle must think it is creating a new site so it makes a new blank page…but not in this instance!
Thanks, Duncan!

@macmancape, It might have more to do with the first page being the website’s primary index page and all the others are “regular”, aka sub-pages. I don’t know the complete reason behind it but maybe it is a precautionary thing?

Maybe the “Import Page” could have a tick box where you ask it to become the “primary” page import?
The other thing I would love to see is that we can chose our breakpoint on import. An example would be a 1400px wide page… Instead of that being forced into the default 960px breakpoint that I could select it to import into the 1200px breakpoint making things easier! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

We have actually already changed how import works in a few ways for 2.9.