Important SEO suggestion

My team and I work every day on Sparkle, our site is over 5000 pages long and is fragmented into sub-projects to allow collaborative work.
Sparkle’s biggest flaw for us could easily be corrected, and it’s this:
When we copy/paste a block of text from one project to another, the title tag goes into “automatic”. In practice, this “automatic” almost always turns into an H1.
If we’re not EXTREMELY vigilant, our H1/H2/H3 title structures are destroyed and the pages end up with multiple H1 titles, which is terribly destructive to SEO.
Of course, we can always be EVEN MORE vigilant…
But it would be MUCH SIMPLER if Sparkle’s default setting were different: having copy/paste text set to “p” and not “automatic” would solve the problem.
Is this possible?
Thanks a lot!


To add:
Could also be great if it is simply copied with its title tag settings, correct?

Kind Regards,