Importing a site for biggest device 1920

I need to redo a site : with sparkle. The site was done with Muse and started with bigger breakpoints than just 960. When I import a complete site in order to redo it with sparkle, I am not able to start with the biggest device, yet breakpoint. Is this a known fact and are there any advices on how to handle this properly?

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We plan on changing how import works but for now there’s a hidden workaround. When opening the import panel if you hold the option key you will then be able to resize the import sheet to account for the wider layout.

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That sounds great - did not get this hint but where can I click it or better when? To clear things - Option Key is ALT or SHIFT? Tried both and CMD and CTRL.

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When clicking on the import menu option or import button in the template picker, hold the option key. The option is labelled “alt” on some keyboards.

Got that, seems to working while importing the site and the pages but the final result it is still only 960 device shown up. The bigger devices are kind of greyed out, as soon as I do the “personalisiertes Layout” it keeps with 960.
I can live with that but, you know?

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Maybe it was unclear but this is a temporary workaround. A feature normally inaccessible, because it’s not what we want it to be.

Thanks, got it, also understood the temporary workaround.