Importing a very old webpage

Happy New year to all of you! I need some help: My old friend is seriously sick with cancer and asked me to overtake the administration of a very very old webpage for the lokal water supply ( It seems that the webpage only works on mobil devices (due to screenresolution?) and I assume, that parts of the documents are shown in frames. Importing the webpage shows content of these frames, but after import into Sparkle I am not able to find them visibly. Is there any magic trick to find them? Where does sparkle save the content of an imported page?
Right now I am sending elements manually from phone to my computer. to use them in Sparkle.

@Vogeltom, I had a quick look…
The website is mostly made out of images and pdfs. Just download the pdfs so to bring them across. Sparkle will import all the text and images.

Thanks a lot! I managed to get the files manually over, but I was wondering, if Sparkle had a more elegant option to solve this issue, since I saw the files briefly during import. Maybe a kind of list of links for the pdf-files stored in google docs or something…? Anyway, thanks for your response!

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