In Safari only, I am seeing the background image

images appearing/ghosting under the APPLICATION Header and favorites bar.
Very obvious as I scroll up, on CPU and iPad, haven’t checked phone yet.
After 30+ years on Apple products, I didn’t think you can change the appearance of APPLICATION GUI without Terminal modes. OR GUI Utilities.

Is this normal or something weird I triggered?
Is it a setting?

I never noticed this behavior and as I look more closely it appears it is not just the websites I’m creating. Catalina function?

Catalina, iPadOS 13, and iOS 13 all use transparency in their UI’s. So you will see some image under the Application and Header bars.

As always, close all apps and restart your devices. If still there go into System Preferences in Catalina, then to Accessibility, and then to Display. Toggle the Motion, Contrast, and Transparency switches to see if that helps. For iPadOS 13 and iOS 13 go to Settings, Accessibility, then Display & Text Size. Toggle the Transparency and Contrast settings.

Also, for all, toggle between Light and Dark modes.

A final test is to power down the devices and leave them off overnight to let the screens completely power off.

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Thank you appreciate it.

If you’re talking about screen persistence, that is a by-product of retina displays and there isn’t much you can do about it. Basically, these types of screen, that can be viewed from any angle, will always exhibit this behaviour. You can minimise the effect by using a lower brightness level and setting up screen savers that kick in after a short period of inactivity.