Incorporating a Tag Cloud

I run a blog site ( and take advantage of the tag functionality provided by Sparkle. I continue to have interest in having a Tag Cloud as part of my UI. While there are ways of generating the code for a Tag Cloud outside of Sparkle (e.g., is it easy for someone to explain how such code can be put into Sparkle so that it becomes part of a site’s UI. For example, along a left or right nav pane?

Mmmm… @DaverD I don’t think this is that straight forward as you download a SVG or a png file with a CSV file. It is not like they give you a snippet of code to place into Sparkle?

I know the Tag Cloud looks fancy and all but it is something that I wouldn’t use on a Sparkle website, and also for the big reason it looks like the Tag Cloud would not really visually work on mobile. Users already have a lot to look at when on a modern mobile website. The Tag Cloud in my book is mental paralysis - there is just to much brain computing needed to make a decision.

Hmmm…Mobile…I didn’t think of that and I agree with what you are saying. Thank you.

I am scratching this off the backlog.