Independent Text Formatting Between Devices?

Short of copying, pasting, then selecting “don’t show on this device,” isn’t there a way to format text on one device without it affecting the same text on another device? I have a block of text on my desktop device that is obviously too big for the phone version. I want to reduce the font size and leading on the phone but it then applies these new settings to the desktop version. I can do the “copy, paste. . .” but that seems like a lot of back-and-forth work if there are several pages and lots of text. THANKS!

As long as formatting is just the text size, it is not supposed to affect the desktop layout, that’s kind of the whole point. What formatting it creeping back to the desktop layout?

@pollysmithblackwell, have you styled your desktop text?..

If you place text on the desktop device and don’t style it like say “body, 16pt, left-aligned, 1.0 line-height with a html tag of p”. When you then create your mobile device then that body style will most likely have the font size of 4pt. All what you need to do is enlarge the text container and increase to font size to say 15pt. Because the body style works independent to the desktop you would apply the change to the body style and then all your text containers on your mobile device with the body style will become 15pt in size and will not effect the desktop device.

The only way that that you can undo the desktop font size is if you haven’t set a body style.
The other way is adding text and forgetting to style it, or adding text to the mobile which needs to be restyled on the desktop device.

Please refer towards the bottom of this page for further understanding - Devices | Sparkle Documentation

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