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Designed a website and published it on the web. But it does not start with the first page. It starts with a “at random selected page”. That is stored as the “index”. However, in Sparkle the first page is clearly destined and saved as the starting page, and what is now the starting/index page destined and saved as a normal page. How to solve this problem as now I cannot publish this website.

So just getting this right @MSzulc
Did you say that the first page you have in Sparkle has been assigned (on the right hand panel) Page / Search and social / Home Page ?

Yes. It is. But when exported and uploaded one of the other pages has its name changed to index and appears as the start page.

Have you got a login page? or have you had a login page but deleted it from your Sparkle website?

No, I never had a log-in page on this website. Peculiar is that in Sparkle’s webdesign on my computerscreen the correct page is first and indicated as “Startpage”. But when the website is published a completely different page is made “index” and becomes startpage…

Yep strange @MSzulc… The page that shows on your server as the index page does the URL end in “.php”?

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No… it ends in .html
It is annoying as the website cannot be published until this is fixed… Hurts biz…

Exporting again has the same result: it changes the Index page… While the settings are correct:

It says “Startpage” and “Index”. But when published or saved another page is made Index and Starting page…

You can set any page to be the homepage. May I ask, how does thsi look on your side?
Like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-21 um 16.22.00

or like this?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-21 um 16.22.10

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And on your homepage in page-panel you can see this icon in the right bottom corner?

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I think I found the solution… In Sparkle I deleted the “Index” from the page where it was showing. It was automatically replaced by the name of the file. However, discovered that now another page was made by Sparkle “Index”. Deleted that also… This went on for about 5 pages until it settled on the correct Startpage… Why this is happening ? I don’t know.

If you think it might be a bug @MSzulc, please let @duncan know…

I suppose Duncan reads these messages ?

Bit busy but yes. If you have a specific issue it’s always better to send a project file showing it to our email address, we generally look at those within a day or two (though we’re a bit on a back log now with the Sparkle 5 release tomorrow).