Initial issues with Sparkle (free version)

Hello everyone, my name is Till, I am currently evaluating the free version to see whether I want to spend the money on the Pro version, and I am having a few issues:

• When my FTP server is protected by allowing only my IP, Sparkle refuses to connect…only when opening up the FTP server by time (i.e. for 1 day), without IP restriction, will it connect and publish, but I don’t like opening up my FTP access like that. Why won’t it connect when restricted by IP?

• When using an animated SVG in my page, it does not animate when published. Why is that?

• The animated SVG file isn’t actually uploaded to the server. When I go to the folder with my main FTP client, Transmit, I can see that the index.html file is uploaded, but not the SVG file. Why is that?

I sent all these to support as well, but thought that I can maybe get some help from the community with these, as I’d really like to buy Pro and get started on a project that I have to do.

Kind regards, Till

Ah, as fo the third issue, it’s a non-issue. After refreshing my FTP server upload directory, I can now see that Sparkle created an “images” folder within which it placed the animated SVG file…it still does not animate, but it’s there. When I drag that SVG into my browser directly, it animates as it should, and when I upload an index.htm file in which I placed the same SVG file manually, it also animates, so there is something that Sparkle does differently, which causes it to not animate.

Another observation/discovery is that when I do a live preview of the page, the SVG file animates, but after publishing it to my server, it is not.

Welcome onboard @tillkrueger! :slight_smile:

How have you placed the animated svg file? Does it need permission to play?
Not sure about your FTP setup. I might be best to discuss that with @duncan at

Hi @tillkrueger,

  • Sparkle connects from your IP, so it’s hard to say why that would be the case… only way is to look at connection logs etc. Please use the “Send Sparkle log via email” in the help menu after the failed attempts and we’ll take a look

  • also hard to say, need to look at the specific SVG

Not seeing your email, please resend it.

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Thank you, Duncan.

I sent you the log, and an email with links to the working and non-working pages with the SVG.

However, I just realized that the connection error was a result of me being connected to a VPN that I wasn’t aware of, so after logging out of that, I am now able to connect with my whitelisted IP as well, so that issue is also resolved.

I had upgraded to the Pro version even before resolving that, as Sparkle is obviously an amazing app and worth the price of admission, and support appears to be stellar as well, from all that I have read in the forums and review sites. Thank you!

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