Insert raw code into body

How do I insert code into the body?

I don’t see an option to do this. The Google Map integration seems to not be working.

I copied and pasted the raw code from Google Map API dashboard into a text box but don’t see the option to add code through a text box. Is this possible with Sparkle?

You can find the option over the “+” (Add) and then at the bottom “external content”. Then you can past your code in the field on the right side.

There is an option to put external code into a text box with a smart field, but for this the developer tools are required.

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I’ve attempted this, however I am still receiving an error message.

The code is working perfectly. The “Oops! Something went wrong.” is a Google maps error message. It is most likely that you are hitting some usage restriction, and the details would be in the javascript console, when viewing the site in the browser.

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I checked the javascrupt console, to no avail. there are no additional details here. Google is denying it is a problem with their API.

thank you for your help. i will bring this information back to our team and formulate a new plan.