Inside Search results customization

I am trying to make a result page that looks like a list of all the different results with the same search word. For example, if a have a page with a long list of people all doing the same work, like “carpenter”. I would like that if someone searches for “carpenter”, the list of results gives them all the carpenters in that list of that page.
Actually, In the results i only get the first “carpenter” of the list, allthough there may be a lot on that same page. Is this normal ? Can i change this.
Also, is it possible to customize the page title so that it is more clear that someone can clic on it to go to the page ? Like put an arrow in front ?
thanks for your help,

@benross, I haven’t tried what you are asking here so I’m thinking it is best @duncan answers you on this to give you clarity…

I’m afraid the search results can only be customized in terms of text style. The extraction of text from the page is a bit limited right now, and we can improve it, but it sounds like what you want is more structured search, which isn’t what the current full text is about.

ok thanks for your feedback