Instagram Approval Fails in Sparkle Settings

Want to embed an Instagram gallery on my page.
Sparkle needs authorization to access Instagram account.
I click the button in Sparkle Settings to authorize and get a blank white box. (See screenshot.) So am unable to complete the authorization.
I am stuck. Any ideas?
Is this really a Sparkle or an Instagram issue?
Thanks in advance !
FYI…I am on a brand new iMac M-1, running latest OS.

@macmancape, Have you completed the “General” section in Site Settings?
Instagram needs a URL address before it approves anything…

Instagram changed (broke) their integration method, we will be releasing a Sparkle update in the next day or two. Get in touch via email if you’re in a hurry for a fix to this.

Hi Greenskin! Yes, thanks, the site’s domain name/URL is in the General settings, Thank you for that tip!
Still hoping Duncan can find a fix for this soon. I understand he’s waiting on Instagram.