Instagram changed?

After the last update I had to reinstall the Instagram module. I thought there was a slideshow in the Instagram module. Has it been deleted in Sparkle? I set the “Recent Post” at -15. I see only one picture (-15).

No recent change in instagram. Gallery mode is still there. Maybe you may want to try it?

Works here…

Yes I see…but only one picture… not a slideshow of the last 15 pictures.

I’m afraid I have no way of knowing what you have entered in Sparkle. You can send us the project file ( to or post a screenshot here.

The page in Sparkle

Old version of Sparkle with Instagram Page

I’m sorry if you’re asking how to make a gallery out of instagram images, it’s the gallery element.

Hello Duncan,
I fixed it and it was easy too. I was a bit stupid not to look beyond my nose. Wonderful option this Instagram module. Another nice improvement in your new version 3.0 …
Thanks for the quick response.