Instagram Integration

I am an iWeb->Muse->Sparkle voyager, with over 50 websites built in iWeb and Muse. I have a client who is a watercolour artist and during lockdown has developed her portrait business on a worldwide basis. Currently, she is pumping out 2-3 portraits a day so her portfolio is in a constant state of flux. I need an easy way for her to update multiple galleries.

I have been experimenting with the Instagram Gallery integration and have built multiple Instagram accounts to align with her portfolio - Adults, Children, Pets and Fine Art.

However, I have just learned that only one Instagram account can be aligned with a Sparkle website. Is this true? Is there another way I can provide an easy (user-driven) way to update a Sparkle Gallery - eg Dropbox, Flickr, Lightroom etc.?

In the meantime, I am building multiple look-alike Sparkle websites to house each of her portfolio specialties. Am concerned with the response time. A current (non-Instagram) working version is

I have solved the issue. I created five Instagram accounts, one for each portfolio speciality (adult portraits, children portraits, pet portraits, fine art and recent). I then built a main website using the recent specialty and four one page websites for the remaining portfolio specialities. See

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