Integrating a Shopify store front into a Sparkle website

Ok, my turn…
I have used Shopify’s “buy now” buttons and it works like a dream, but they have changed things with integrating a store- front into an external hosted website. They are sealing up the “leaks” so a User uses their services completely.

Has anyone recently integrated a Shopify store front into a Sparkle website?
Thanks heaps for your replies! :slight_smile:

I don’t use Shopify for that reason. Shopify seems to be going the route of Twitter and locking or eliminating 3rd-party API’s.

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@thetravelhikelife, So true!
I have been on the hooter with them for the last 4-5 days and you are right - the only way now to integrate a store front outside their ecosystem is getting a developer onboard, pay for their script library and have the developer create an applet that can be embedded in the externally hosted website.

I had a good discussion with my client and we are working on exporting everything to Ecwid and with that I’m saying goodbye to Shopify. I have a few clients on it that uses the “Buy Now” button but for the rest I’ve walked!

Thanks for your take @thetravelhikelife! :slight_smile:

Ecwid is what I recommend. I’m betting you and your clients will happier and more profitable.

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