Intermittent problems playing movies, audio OK but no video

In order to play a movie, I use two different methods.
Method 1 involves a text url which when clicked uses ‘Download File’ and ‘Store in This Document’ and I have about 25 movies linked in this way.
Method 2 involves adding a video icon, choosing Video ‘From Disk’, Embedding with ‘Still + Embed’ and Video Storage is ‘Original Location’. I have 4 or 5 of these.
A couple of days ago, all my movies were playing correctly. However, yesterday and today I am getting audio only (without video). This is happening in both Preview and full Web mode. I have not moved or renamed any movie filenames or folders.
Has anyone any ideas or suggestions? Is this an issue with Sparkle or my TSOhost server?
Thanks … Andre

I have a similar experience but slightly different. When I open a video page loads, the postal frame indicating the right video, but when I hit the play button, a completely different video start playing. Very confusing

@mukiventure Start by reconnecting all your video links. Very few work for me.

@andrex991 Can you post the website here?

My site is extremely big. Over 3000 videos. Not possible to start reconnecting links. Only experience this after I upgraded to 3.

He re’s the link. Play clip 1 , a random video play instead

The video part of my movies are suddenly working again! Perhaps there really is a God … nah … only joking.

mukiventure Are you still having your problem with the ‘random video’?

Hi. Ducant fix that in 3.6 . The only problem I have now is the application kept freezing up