IONOS PHP Extended Support

I have just noticed that my hosting provider IONOS are charging me £7 pm for php 7.0 extended support and also £7pm for php 5.6 extended support.

My question is, do I need this support? I have tried to read up on it and found this:

Why am I being charged for PHP Extended Support?

We found PHP content in your webspace in an old, no longer supported PHP version. You may have connected at least one domain of your hosting contract to an outdated version of PHP.

I only have two sites with IONOS, both built with sparkle. What has caused IONOS to see old no longer supported php content in my site? How can I find out?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

@andymaltby, I’ll leave this up to Duncan (@duncan), but it does seem strange that they are throwing those extra fees at you regarding PHP versions. Sparkle (from what I know) only uses PHP in the sending of its contact form so I wonder if the PHP they are referring too is remnants on their system instead of Sparkle?

There’s no actual way to detect what PHP version is used as far as I know. Sparkle works with 5.6 and later (any version). I’d ask them to remove the fees.

thanks @duncan and @greenskin

This is the full article about it:

I’ve cancelled both extended supports (£14pm total) so hopefully this wont cause me any issues with my contact forms!

It would look like you need to manually switch PHP version for your hosting:

If you want to change this setting for each domain, please click here to go to your PHP Settings Overview. Select the domain and click Configure PHP Version . Choose the PHP version you would like to use and click Save .

I had to do that for a client recently … the former webmaster had manually configured the whole domain to PHP version 5.6 many years ago, and that version is no longer supported. So I changed that to the most recent version.
So as @duncan mentioned, I think you also have to switch the PHP version manually for your hosting.

thanks all - i’ve manually changed to version 7.3 and tested both domains without any issue.

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