Is "Go to page on this website" broken?

When I try to use the “Go to page on this website” on a button with the purpose of scrolling up or down to an anchor the possibility of select the individual pages is missing. It only shows the “previous page” and “next page” options.
It should work just like the KENOZERSKY template, where the menu buttons make me scroll thorough the page I’m in, but now I just can select previous and next page.
Is it a bug? It was working just fine a couple of days ago.

Now after copying the menu from KENOZERSKY template and pasting into my website and tweaking with the settings, for some reason my app crashed and every time I try to reopen it it crashes again. Already restarted the Mac and now I will try to reinstall the app.

Update 2:

It didn’t work, still crashing

Uptake 3:
Using Activity Monitor to force quit doesn’t work, and deleting the caches won’t work either.
Still crashing

As I mentioned in the other post, are you even able to start sparkle with a new site? Seems like the template you are using is corrupted in some way? Where did you get that template from?

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I started this website from blank, not a template. The only template I used was the official KENOZERSKY one to try to fix the menus, as I mentioned.
And no, I can’t even start a new site or open a different file as you suggested, it simply crashes right away.
You’ve mentioned Duncan, how could I send the files to him? I’m new here in the forum and definitely need help…

managed to find a file named ‘‘Unsaved Sparkle Document’’, which was causing it to crash right at the start, deleting seems to solve the crashing issue.
Now, the file that I was working with its backup copy are both corrupted, just along with some other test files I had saved. Lost all the progress I’ve made and it won’t open

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Sorry about that. We have fixes for the crashes coming soon in the next update. If you can email us the project file we can look into it.

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Just did that! It’s nice to hear that you guys are working on it.
If you’re able to retrieve the file somehow I’d be extremely glad


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