Is it possible for a Sparkle-menu to push the content underneath downwards?

I would like to make a menu that when opening ‘pushes’ the content that’s underneath down.
An example of this can be found here: (if you click on the hamburger-menu-button it ‘pushes’ the text underneath downwards).

Would it be possible to make this in Sparkle?

Hi, this is not currently possible with Sparkle’s built in features.


@REBB, As @rimram mentioned.

The site you have used for your example is what is called “fluid” - elements are relative to one another, whereas Sparkle uses a “fixed” layout - elements are “fixed” so other elements can’t move them from their placed spot.

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Thank you for the answers.

This way I’m not going to bend over backwards while trying to make something work that isn’t possible anyway, saving me lots of time… :+1:t2: