Is it possible make 'folding out' content with Sparkle

I would like to make a page with a few links on it. If you click any of those links, the content will be revealed the page itself by ‘folding out’ their content towards the bottom.

Is this possible with Sparkle?
(I’ve got the feeling it isn’t, but asking never hurts…)

Sparkle can only apply limited XY axis movement to objects on its canvas and do a little manipulation of opacity. It can’t do any real animation to objects or its canvas. What it does allow is animation from outside motion graphics apps.

The way I would do it is create an animated graphic or overlay in a motion graphics package such as Apple Keynote, Apple Motion, or Tumult Hype. Then export the graphic as a movie, GIF, animated SVG, or HTML and embed it in Sparkle.

@thetravelhikelife: thanks for the clarification and suggestion, will keep this in mind! :+1:t2: