Is it possible to collect the URL with "Email Form via Server"?

Hi Sparklers,

I need to add a simple evaluation question (e.g., Helpful? very/OK/no) across multiple pages. Knowing what page the submission comes from would be most helpful. I’m wondering if there is a simple method to collect the URL of the webpage when using Email Form via Server. I know I could change the sending email address to reflect a specific page. But it would be more convenient if the page URL were included in the email. Is it possible?

Although I’ve developed individualised forms in a prior webpaging medium, I’ve not broached it (yet) in Sparkle. Must I switch to the Advanced Form Submission for this task?

Alternative suggestions welcome.

Thanks much.


I don’t know if you can read this automatically and insert it into a form field.

Just add the URL to the subject field.

It can be so simple.

Mr. F.

I’m afraid it’s not possible, though it would make sense to have. For the time being you would need to use the advanced form collection.

Another way to achieve this is to add a hidden field to the form that contains the page URL as pre-filled text. I don’t use the form feature much in Sparkle but if my memory serves me correctly, there isn’t a hidden field option. Therefore, you would have to create a sort of pseudo hidden field. This could be a standard text box, pre-filled with the URL and marked as not required. Set font, background and border to be transparent. Place this on your form below the submit button. Give it a field variable name of “referring URL” Because site visitors will not be able to see the field, they are unlikely to change the content.

TIP: I don’t recommend putting an actual URL into the field because some spam filters may flag such a field as possible spam. Instead, use pre-text such as “referred from home page” or referred from about us page"

@Mr_Fozzie & @francbrowne: Simple when brilliant persons contribute :smiley_cat: Nice solution. Thanks!

@duncan, Perhaps another task to add to that long list of successfully implemented features :+1:

And @francbrowne, Thanks for the heads up. Yes, and the full URL is unnecessary. All I need is the page title, which can be inserted using Smart Field embedded in a hidden field. Or it seems should work.

Many thanks for the assists! :bowing_man: