Is it possible to move <style> code to a separate file

In my Webmaster Tools accounts with Google. Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, & Petalsearch I am getting long html warnings. I looked at the page source and I have a very long series html,body code that is " 2 lines, 25,522 words,169,078 characters" and the Webmaster Tools is suggesting moving it into a separate file. How may I go about doing this in Sparkleapp? I do have the developers license. Thanks!

The inline css is actually a speedup technique, but it looks like in your case there’s so much content on the top of the page that it’s detrimental.

There is no Sparkle setting to change that. You could export to disk with the “offline compatible” checkbox, which doesn’t inline css, but the site would likely have a worse pagespeed score.

If I were to do something about it, I’d probably simplify the top of the page.