Is it possible to setup user file uploads?

I’m a graphic designer and would like to integrate customer/users to be able to upload files right on my website rather than using dropbox or wetransfer. Is this possible in Sparkle?

I’m sure you can use File Attachment button and treat it just like any other form field and connect it to a button. I’d check the permissions depending on your hosting company (if you will need to allow something in your hosting settings) but if you’re asking for them to upload and store the files like a cloud service, I would just create a shared folder embed an iframe from dropbox. Something like that :slight_smile:

I have the same question, so I will just reply here.
I created a “File Attachment” button and a button with “Advanced Form Submission”,
but how does the file get uploaded then?

Thanks in advance.

@Zel0teS, You need to include the element in your form called “File Attachment” which you can find under the “+” / Navigation & Forms /

When done it could look something like this -
As you can see when someone clicks on “Select…” Finder will open for me to hunt down the file to upload. Once the form is sent the file is attached to the email on receiving.

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Sorry for missing this. Sparkle currently only supports sending files as email attachments. To answer @Zel0teS as well, you can use the advanced form submission but Sparkle doesn’t provide the server side support for this, so you need (someone with) coding experience to deal with the incoming file.

The general problem is normal web hosting these days isn’t configured to allow writing to the filesystem, for security reasons. Also putting large files in a database isn’t a great idea.

So while it’s nothing insurmountable and even easy to do with anybody with a little backend experience, it’s not something Sparkle can configure via FTP and likely really hard to explain in a guide to the typical Sparkle audience.

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@FlaminFig @duncan

Thank you very much for your answers!