Is There A Vertical Limit to A Page?

After seeing a newly posted sample by one of our esteemed pros (mucho thanks @francbrowne) I’ve decided to redesign my project by merging smaller pages into fewer, larger (longer) ones.

Although I won’t create a massive scrolling site, is there any sort of built-in per-page limit of how “tall” it can be and, a limit to how many animations/effects can be on a single page?

There won’t be much of effects applied, I just want to know if there are any hard-limits to the design structure I should know about before reinventing the wheel on my design.

@producerguyaz, This will nicely explain it to you…

With long scrolling pages you’ll reach the end of your users patience/attention long before you reach Sparkle/HTML/CSS limits. Smartphone users scroll less than desktop and tablet users. The reason is smartphone users tend to be looking at your site while in environments that limit their attention, such a s walking and driving. The best guideline is to limit each page to one topic/subject.

As for animation limits, the more animation the slower the load time of your site. Again, mobile users have the greatest limitations here. Use animation to direct the user to specific information and slow down scrolling.

Looks like I’m no where near any limits at all, so good to know. Thanks all.