Is there a way of having a page-specific 'Stick to page top'

The ‘Stick to page top’ option applies to all pages on the website. Is there a way of making this page-specific? For example, separate stickies such as “My website - Page 1”, “My website - Page 2”, … etc

I think this should work. You could copy and paste you menu onto each page and adjust the stickiness according to each page. You would do this by the “Show on this page only” button.
Can’t imagine though that it would make nice code, there must be a more elegant solution possible.

Thanks for this mewl … but unfortunately it will not work!
In order for my title(s) to ‘stick’ to the top, both parts of the title: the main universal one - “my website”, and the ‘page specific’ sub-title - “page 1”, need to be grouped. Once this is done, it will not allow you to have different Visibility attributes for each, and they both assume the attribute ‘show on all pages’ … which is exactly what I am trying to avoid with Page 1, Page 2, etc … which really is a mess!

I’m not sure we mean the same thing? Here is a sample file where the home page menu and banner is sticky but the other pages are normal scrolling

Thanks again mewl. Yes, I was misunderstanding your point … and I have now corrected my technique by having each page’s titles distinct and (as you originally suggested) with visibility as ‘Show on this page only’. In other words, I have got rid of the ‘Show on all pages’ part of the title … which was the cause of the problem.