Is there a way to come back to last version of Sparkle 2?

I saw that with my license I can’t use more the “import website” function because it seems to be blocked in Sparkle 3. In version 2 (last update) I was able to import pages from a website.
I need to retrieve some pages that I can’t find on my hard disk and so the only way to try to do that would be to import…

Suggestions? Thanks

@MultimediaMan, That is weird to hear?

I’d get in contact with @duncan and explain your situation with links and all…

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In fact, there was a misunderstanding on my part.
I thought “import site” was the same as “import page”.
But they are two different things. “Import Site” is a new feature that was introduced with version 3 of Sparkle.
Sorry, I’ve been very distracted lately…

That’s right. Import page is still available under the insert menu.

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I take advantage of this to learn more: the “import site” function downloads all the site you insert? And is it limited only to Sparkle sites?

The import site feature works like import page, so it does a best effort job on recreating the original layout an importing text and pictures. It also goes through all links on the same site and imports all pages.