Is there A way to embed A USDZ


I have been playing around with USDZ files they are a very accessible way to share #d models and animation with in the Apple ecosystem.

I was wondering if there is a way to embed these files into an project apparently it can be done but I have not been able to do so

I have Attached some links to the articles I have been using for guidance

any help would be amazing

Thank you in Advance

@AndresAlvarez, I have never used this but taking a look at the articles I’m sure you can embed the code into Sparkle… Click on the “More” button at the top of the Sparkle canvas which will open a card of icons. Choose “Embed”. This will place a container on your canvas and at the top right of the Sparkle app you’ll notice a container with the title “Embedded Content”. This is where you place the code.

The trick will be connecting to the assets. Maybe @duncan can help you out there? I’m thinking you would place the assets on your hosting platform and then in your embed code you would link to how you have it on the server but I’m not sure if that will work?..

As @greenskin says, once you have a working web page that does what you want (showing the USDZ or AR), you can embed it in Sparkle by placing the address in an embed box.

As mentioned in the email you sent us, we don’t expect to add direct support for this in the near term, and we don’t offer code-level support.

Hey Guys

Yeah, your right thank you for your help.

Vectary and other services you have to pay to upload your files, I came across Poly with is free and made by google. I let you upload and publish it, from there you can generate the code and copy and paste it to an embedded square.

works like a charm

Hi Duncan , I’m really having a tough time linking this usdz file to my sparkle page via embed code

Are there any other ways to embed files for viewing without the domain files manager, i use siteground if that helps

Did you create a standalone page that displays the USDZ?

No because i only want the files to be previewed not downloaded, which i already achieved on sparkle by uploading to the action button,

if I’m honest i have no clue how to get this working , i feel like i will have to pay some one with more technical skill to help with this

or use a easier method to achieve this usdz file viewing on my sparkle website

this is a example where the embed code calls the usdz for viewing and not downloading

my domain supplier sent me this

but i am going around in circles for two days with no results

Ok thanks. Sorry but I was unfamiliar with how USDZ works. I read up and this is what should be sufficient:

  • use an FTP app to create a folder on your web host, let’s call it “models”
  • take a USDZ file you have and place it in that folder, and along side it place a jpg of the model, let’s call this “robot”, so you have a robot.usdz and robot.jpg inside the models folder
  • add the following to an embed block (you can turn of the “activate after consent” option):
<a href="/models/robot.usdz" rel="ar">
  <img src="/models/robot.jpg" width="200" height="200">

This should be a workable starting point.

This could be easily automated and built-in in Sparkle, but we have many high priority items we’re working on.

Thanks so much Duncan ,this worked for me

Hi Duncan, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve sent you a private message