Is there a way to tell, what the forward back relationship is?

Ripping my hair out on depth placement.
In other apps there is a A-Z placement listing so you can tell depth.

Am I missing something that would disclose layer depth?

Thank you

@jfmusic, It’s something you need to get use too…

What you are asking about has been discussed a lot in the forum and the Sparkle Team has acknowledged it! :slight_smile: For now you have your Placement in the right hand panel under Arrange and that same functionality is in your toolbar above the canvas and next to the right-hand panel.

If you have a few elements on top of one another you can right click on it and you can select the one you want to edit…

Thanks for replying,
I see the tools to do the moves.

But then I am completely lost as to where each item definitely is.

I hear you. Hopefully 3 will address this shortcoming.
It certainly is detrimental to work flow.

Sorry this was intended for a different quesiton.
I used find any file to go hunting deep Safari Files.
I threw out to many to note which ones where the culprits.
But they were deep in /Library folders.

After deleting them the specific issue cleared.