Is there an issue?

Just updated to 4.2 and all my pages in my site have suddenly lengthened. Some to over 900,000 pixels… yes, that’s nine hundred thousand. Any one else have this. Also, can I shorten them by typing in a number rather than using the footer handle as this is taking ages. Thanks for any insight!

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First, there’s a tendency to associate any problem with a new release. It’s a very common pattern, we release a new version (and you know we have a few under our belt), all the support emails we get suddenly say “is it a problem in the new release”? Generally it’s not.

Pages becoming that much longer could be due to lingering issues in the project, due to earlier bugs. This is something we can only apologize about, bugs happens, and the bugs in that area we know about are fixed.

But the solution @selcuk suggests should work. If that doesn’t solve the issue please send us the project file via email (wetransfer to, and we’ll figure it out.

That worked thanks Duncan.