Issue of mouseover effect in menus v4.02

I registered a strange behavior of the mouse over effect in menu bars in Safari and Chrome (MacOS and iOS, other browsers not tested).

In the preview the menus have a normal behavior (e.g. changing from dark to light background color with dark text when hovered):

In Safari/Chrome I have an unnormal behavior of the mouse over. The background seems to hide the text:

I’ve erased the files on my hosting service and the cache on Sparkle and uploaded the site again.
After this procedure strangely most of the top bars show normal behavior while the side menu on my Homepage persists to react unnormal (erasing the browser cache didn’t help).



Unless it might be to be an individual problem I never encountered such an issue in previous versions so perhaps it is a bug that could be solved.

An example on my Homepage: Terminwunsch

Thank you!

The site menus seem to work fine in my tests…

I see the same as shown in the browser screen shot: no highlighted background and the text disappears.

Tested with Safari 15.2.

Please post a screenshot of the settings for the mouse effects (inspector window)

To be continued in about 15 hours :smiley:

Mr. F.

Thank you Duncan and Mr Fozzie,
here is the screenshot:

same experience here
but only in preview mode
once uploaded to the web no problem

Menue works all fine with macMini M1 and Safari V15.2


The main menu (horizontal) seems to work as intended.
The 2nd mini menu on the left shows the error.

Please compare the settings. Maybe it’s just a little thing you have to change.

Mr. F.

Hi Mr Fozzie,
Thank you for your suggestions.
Weird enough, all the left side menus have the same settings and still have a different behavior on different pages. And the top bar had just reacted normally after complete erasing the host space via ftp and complete new upload.

So I made a little test:

I uploaded the last 3.x version of my homepage with Sparkle 3.1.7: all mouse effects of the menus are working perfect.

Then I uploaded the same 3.x file with Sparkle 4.0.2 and the error of the side menus is back!
Same on Safari 15.1 and 15.2

That’s because I think it might be a bug because I’ve not changed my settings. Perhaps a bug in internal updating older 3.x files under the individual settings of my Homepage

Momentarily I’ve uploaded the correct working Sparkle 3 version so you can test the normal function of the side menus:
(don’t forget to refresh the page on your browser ;))

Next step: I’ll create one side menu completely new on 4.0.2, perhaps this could be a workaround.


Well, that looks OK to me. The background changes in all menus on mouse over.

I also checked my own site, which is from version 3 and has been republished a few times with version 4. There, the menus and the mouse over effects have not changed.

It is strange that it has changed on your site.

Mr. F.

The issue has been solved with V4.0.3. Now the menus work perfectly.
Thank you Duncan for fixing the problem (I think it was this: fixed menu in sites with many menus and multiple folders) and Mr Fozzie for your kind help!