Issues Instagram Posts : OK in Sparkle / Not showing in user browser

Hi Folks,

I have found some similar cases on this subject on your platform … has a solution been found in the meanwhile? … I do not have the impression.

Building website with page full Instagram posts …


… does not give a visual as expected in the final webpage on the browser (in my case Chrome)

Picture2* / see

Any tricks ?
*I wanted to add both pictures … but as a new participant I cannot …

Thanks / Happy Easter from Brussels


@swytch, No tricks other than having a few things correctly in place…

Have you you got your domain name placed in the Settings / General? that you have used in your signed up Instagram account. They can’t be different because Instagram won’t work.

Thanks for quick reply

Both are the same
Home page in Sparkle :
Mention in Instagram Profile Settings :

Can it be on another setting ?

@swytch, You might want to check again…

The last error talks about Instagram with a 404 error. If you have it all correctly setup on your end the best thing to do is have a talk with @duncan via

THANKS !!! Appreciated
I will contact Duncan

As mentioned over email, missing PHP support on the server.