Item visible on all pages

May someone has a suggestion or I might have overlooked over it.
Let me try to explain my concern.
I had to change my menu due to design reasons. For this I had to put my Blog directly into he menu rather than before (it was an under-menu in Galeries).
for all pager (apart from 320px) everything was fine but…
…for the 320px page I had to create a new button. Although I excluded it from all other pages, in my layout it’s still there and quite disturbing for me (see screenshots).
When published everything is fine (only visible at 320px) but on layout very confusing.!
Should this be fixed in future versions?

Many thanks for help.
Kind regards
Fernando /

Screenshot 2020-07-15 um 13.59.19|689x299, I would say you have your “Hidden Elements” turned off allowing you to see what you have hidden on a device. You can find it just above your Sparkle canvas to the left.

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Great, That’s it!!! Many thanks.


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