Items moving on their own when setting up responsive site

My site is virtually done, and I am simply bug squashing at the moment.
I have come across an issue that keeps recurring…
I have been tweaking the layout where things aren’t rendering correctly.
I have a full width box, and a text box that are both part of the footer - they are set to appear on all pages in the section.

However, when tweaking the 480 and 320 devices, having vertically aligned the two items correctly in one breakpoint, switching into the other breakpoint shows that they have moved.

I can’t understand why this is the case - I thought the positioning was independent on different breakpoints, and they could be laid up individually.

Can anyone advise please?

@vk2003, Have you tried grouping them and then go to your tight-hand panel under the Arrange tab and tick the box called “Follow Footer”?


I haven’t grouped these 2 elements, although one of them was set to follow footer. There are several elements making up my footer (couple of full width colour boxes, some text boxes, and some images, a contact form, and a map), of which these are just 2 elements. The others all behave OK!

I will try grouping them, and setting to follow footer.