Javascript - countdown timer


To start some background info:

  • I just downloaded (the trial) version of Sparkle and starting to “play” with it - trying to
    determine if it’s something i can/want to use.

  • I am not a coding wizard (although i do have a programing background - years back), but i am able to read and comprehend most coding/script sources.

I started by importing a “coming soon” page with a (java) countdown timer script.
I need some guidance/help on how to embed the javascript onto the created sparkle web page. Appreciate any help.

Here is the source of the (w3schhols) “coming soon page”:

Hi @wolfferine, Sparkle has a built-in countdown timer. Any reason to use the w3 schools one?

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for your quick reply! Appreciate.
I am happy that Sparkle has got such a feature (and thanks for the link)

  • (i haven’t had the time to go through all the documentation yet, cause i usually assess an app by taking a quick free drive and to see how short the learning curve is, so to determine how well it fits my needs - to give you an idea - i did it with SketchUp at the the time of it’s first release by Google, and i was amazed - when comparing it to Autocad), anyhow…

The reason for wanting to embed this script is just for learning purpose.


I personally don’t normally help with coding, because we focus on the visual aspects of Sparkle. As mentioned in other threads, there seems to be the expectation that as you progress in doing websites you have to learn to code. We are here to dispel that myth.

Anyway that script works as is in Sparkle, if you know enough about coding to extract the relevant parts and place them in an embed element.


Thanks! I will try it to see i can get it to work
(yesterday i did a quick and dirty try out that failed, must have missed something)
I let you know if i was successful.


You will not regret Sparkle! Love it and I do nothing about coding

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