Just wanted to take a minute and say a HUGE Thank You to those who created this program. You have NO IDEA how much heartache I have gone thru looking for a replacement for Adobe Muse. This is sooo close it makes me dance a jig!!

Just a few things I would like to see…

  1. Horizontal/vertical pixel rulers on the side and top would be great, with or without the ability to add guides.
  2. LOVE the animations… can you make it so the “thing” being animated could come in from or off to the actual viewing page? Oh, and to be able animate in a custom angled direction would be great too.

Again! THANK YOU!!! :smile:


And you’ll become aware @Peggy, it is far more stable then Adobe Muse ever was and no need for all those plugins which in the end became a nightmare to Adobe Muse’s stability!

Onwards and Upwards! :slight_smile:

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I am already finding that out! It has so much more than Muse had even WITH the plugins. I am soooo thrilled with Sparkle!!! :star_struck:

Adobe IS a nightmare! lol~ :crazy_face: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I keep playing that song… “Happy” by Pharrell Williams every time I quit working in Sparkle! LOL~ :grin:

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Hihi, I am in the fase of not even want to return to Muse even if it was possible :smiley:


…even it were absolutely free!

And even when you got all other Creative Cloud apps for free as well :joy:


Muse was my primary website builder for many years. As much as I wanted it to be great, it was a nightmare.

After trying many replacements I settled on Sparkle.

I still use other site builders - but only on request.

I built my first website in 1997. In that time I have seen so many options to build websites come and go.

Sparkle is the first page builder that I feel safe with and does exactly what it says it does.

I dare say it’s the most reliable and stable site builder I’ve ever used and so glad I decided to take the plunge.

  • How many live Sparkle sites have broken since I started building with Sparkle? Zero
  • How much downtime have I had due to a software bug, widget or plugin or poorly implemented update? Zero
  • For custom site builds there are no entries on my time sheets for bug fixing since I started with Sparkle.

Can’t to see what the future brings for Sparkle!


I’m with you on this @Chris 100%! :slight_smile:

Because it is so reliable I nearly forget to do my pre-launch testing because everytime I do I have nothing to fix! What I see in Preview is what I see on the web! It gives me total peace of mind! :slight_smile:

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I think Sparkle is the only piece fo software, that I constantly recommend to who ever wants to listen to me.
And what is more: I had two problems ant got help within 24 hours!
Yes, Thank you indeed!


AMEN SISTER!!! Tag me as a new convert! I sincerely think Sparkle will surpass Muse. And I loved Muse! Not the plugins, though. Ugh! And thank you, Duncan, for your loving care to this jewel of a program.

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Had to chime in here…

After changing up some options in how things display, especially videos, my site now loads nearly instantaneously on any browser, and ultra-fast on mobile. Far better than anything I’ve ever published before.

Part of this performance boost is following guidelines in the documentation, and partly because Sparkle simply allows these efficient options that weren’t available on any other platform I’ve used.

So yeah, Thanks Duncan! On pins & needles for V3 - feels like Christmas eve already… (Ay, Christmas trees sparkle!)


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