Just lost my Webserver settings

Was having a publishing issue, so I restarted the app. Went back to publish again and the server settings are gone. Localhost remains.

@jfmusic, Sounds like a temporary glitch but if it happens again you should have a chit chat to @duncan about the issue…

Thanks, Since I’m so new to the app, I don’t know when it’s me or a bug.
But, so far I think I have been beating my head against several bugs.
Hope they are gone in 3.

The same thing happen to me yesterday.

@paricha, That’s not good. Are you aware when you lost the sever settings?
It might be a good time to mention it to @duncan to see what it could be…

I figured out a way to get it back. I used my Time Machine option on my Mac. I lost the server settings after editing my website. When I went to publish there were no settings.