Keep position and zoom factor

Especially for me as a non-professional user, Sparkle 3 offers a lot of new and easy-to-understand functions. A really great software that I love to use. But one little thing bothers me a little bit.

When I fine-tuning and precisely adjusting the distances between the elements in several pages, I often jump from one page to the next and back again. In doing so, I enlarge the zoom to 200% or more. When I jump back to the previous page, the view returns to the top of the page with 100% zoom and I have to scroll down again and enlarge the zoom.

I would be perfect if I can keep the last position and the zoom factor for each page as a selectable option.

Thanks, Frank


I agree that it would be great if Sparkle would remember the position for each page. But Iā€™m not sure about it remembering the zoom factor for each page. OmniGraffle does that for each canvas and I often find myself wishing that I can have all canvases have the same zoom factor.

BTW, I use keyboard shortcuts to adjust zoom factor: Cmd 9, Cmd ā€“, and Cmd +.