Keyboard shortcuts

Is there a list of all keyboard shortcuts available somewhere? I can’t find anything :cry:

Obviously I had to compile the list myself (for the German version) :sweat_smile:


Great work, if I get that file I could translate it in English, I am German actually

I tried to attach the “.pages” file, but that’s not allowed (not even in the PM) :frowning:

Is it possible to take the source doc, and translate into English, then post a pdf. I could really use this. Thanks!


I am onto this to translate it into English and it will reposted here in this thread

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Does anybody know Loupedeck CT? it‘s a custom console made by a finnish company and a great device (I‘m not payed by them :grinning:). I think it‘s a quite useful device and it is the reason why I needed the keyboard shortcut list. I am currently creating a custom profile to use the console with Sparkle. I need a couple of more hours to finish it but I‘m not so sure if it will work with a keyboard layout other than German. So if anybody owns a Loupedeck CT and would like to test, let me know.

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Hi guys,

it is done, I have translated @Tomki German version into an English version.
I hope that will help a few people.

PDF version is available on request, would need your email address.



Thank you Michael :smiley:
( or pop it on as a dl from a Dropbox or Google drive )

Michael - I very much appreciate your creating this English version. I am making good use of it. Thank you.

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