Landing-page like a Micro-Site


Has anyone a good idea how to realize a landing page (which appears when I choose this website) and after clicking (i.e. on an X) it disappears. I have a client who has a special promotion and would like to have this on the top of the website during (i. e. 2 or 3 weeks). Thanks already in advance for a good trick.


You can create an extra page with a link/x to bring you to the ‘normal’ site.


I’m trying to figure out what you are getting at with the terminology you used? A landing page is a page standing seperate (most likely on a sub-domain) to the mother website but connected. Or are you talking about a modal which is a popup (it can also slide in, etc…) that resides above the website’s header area promoting a promotion and like you say I then have the option to make it go away with a click?

I can help you better with just clarifyig it further, thanks.


Thanks a lot for your answer, in fact it is like you’re describing it should just appear above the website. MmmhhI tried it like this, but I did not find the command to let it go away. I have to try and look maybe for this… But anyhow its a great help…


The feature you are talking about isn’t yet a feature in Sparkle. At the moment we can’t have a hovering popup appear with a way to click out of it besides the lightbox on the image gallery.


Something like this?


Try my solution…


You can certainly let a box animate in your screen with your promotion and a button. You click on the button and you get rerouted to that certain promotion.


Wouwww I am overwhelmed about all your answers. Great to know, that I have friends someout there. Lode, exactly that one was I was looking for. Lode I can imagine how you did that, just a small question… you defined the page sales.html as «homepage» right? It can only be that way, but it looks really nice… Thanks Eugene


Not in this sample, no. But if you go this way you need to. When the action is finished, you change the original page Homepage back to ‘index.html’ (Homepage). And keep the action page for the next ‘sales’ or so.


Thanks Lode its exactyl what I thought and that is genial. Thanks, when I can help you in something else tell me. Eugene


You’re welcome. I keep that in mind…