Landscape mode on mobile platform

My understanding is that the Sparkle site should be viewed in portrait rather than landscape mode. If that is the case, is it possible to disable rotation of the page to disable the landscape mode display? If not currently possible and if not too cumbersome, can it be added to future versions?

Hi, Sparkle sites can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode. Sparkle does a very good job at being device and orientation agnostic. Sparkle is limited to defined breakpoints at present, which it represents as five device types. In fact, three of the defined devices are actually in landscape orientation one of which is Landscape Smartphones (480px wide) so you can use this one.

There is more information in the Sparkle documentation on Devices.

Hope this helps!

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@mhirji, Interesting call…
You are right about the orientation of landscape not being that popular on mobile, but the majority of users will landscape when viewing a video.

I think it would be a frustration to lock out the users who would want to landscape a website, but especially for the ones (and they are the majority) who landscape to watch videos.

I build for 320, 768, and 1200 with no issues.
If you feel your site isn’t great looking when orientated into landscape than just introduce the 480 breakpoint, but I don’t think locking the orientation on mobile is a good idea.

Locking the orientation is really a function of the device, not the website. If a user doesn’t want to lock orientation, then they won’t. However, the natural viewing position for mobile devices is portrait mode, so most users will expect a site to work in that mode and will use the site in that mode. As @greenskin mentions, the only time they are likely to revolve the device is to view video content. This should be free choice and no one should be forced to watch a video in portrait orientation. Of course, if you don’t have any video content on your site, it’s unlikely to be an issue anyway.

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Correct @francbrowne. function of the device is the first thing I thought. Android and IOS can both lock view or rotation.Now in tablet mode, the majority use landscape. Instagram seems to be the only program that’s locked vertical as a default, a function of IG.