Large blog and publishing question

I have a blog, and after som time it will be many post with images. Do I have to publish (and upload) everything on the site after each new post? That can take hours when reaching 1000 posts. The “exclude from publishing” can’t be used on earlier published posts, as it also will remove post summary from the Blog-index. Any suggestions?

@duncan knows better, but I don’t think it will take hours. I think that the previously published ones will not be uploaded again.

Sparkle publishes new assets only, so any previously uploaded image will not be re-uploaded.

Thanks to both of u. Im calm now :slight_smile:

Welcome to Sparkle, Viggo. Based on your bio, perhaps we should welcome you back to The Matrix too :wink: A Stoat and cat? :thinking:

Seems your blog might provide some interesting reads. Hope the Sparkle building goes famously.