Large Gap on Blog Index Page


I have found that there is a large gap between the last blog post on page 1 and the page numbers underneath. I hope that makes sense! HERE IS THE PAGE

In the preview it looks absolutely fine:

But after publishing, it looks like this:

The gap is far too big so if you don’t scroll down, you will not know there is another page of posts.

Is there something I can do to fix this?

Many thanks!

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Please send this and we’ll take a look.

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Thank you Duncan. I sent you the file a little earlier concerning the disappearing blog post headers and dates. The index is included there.

I am encountering the very same problem after adding more entries to the blog:

It looks as if there is space for all the blog entries and not only for those that are visible. As for jazzbird, everything looks fine in the preview. May be something is wrong with the project?

Sparkle 3.1 solved this. Thank you!


My problem has disappeared too! Woohoo! Thank you @duncan!

I am seeing a large gap in my index.

When the index consisted of non-linkable titles on blog posts, the index was as expected with titles on the index at the top of the page mimicking the style from the blog post page.

In efforts to not to have the title of the blog post have an underline but still have a link from the index to the blog post, I replaced the index entry with a linkable text box at the bottom of each blog post. Doing the for the first blog post produced what was expected. The title entry was replaced by the text box entry on the index. However, with the second and subsequent replacements, there is a large gap from the top of the index to the index listing.

Let me add that I place the linkable text on each blog post at the bottom of the blog post page. Also, it appears that the gap grows with each blog post addition.


Send us the project file ( to and we’ll take a look.

Thank you Duncan. The file was just sent.

For what it is worth, it was working when I was using the Title field at the top of the blog post for the index content. It did not work when I used a text field at the bottom of the blog post.

Also for me large gaps of white in blog index. i cannot figure out what is going wrong. Set the spacing to it’s minimum.

Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks Ben

Send us the project file and we’ll take a look. wetransfer to

Thanks Duncan,
Cannot sent the file through WeTransfer, I mailed you separately how to solve that.

Are you swift with your responses. The file is on its way.

Problem Solved. Turned out that on the first Blog-item in the Blogindex, there still resided a Pop-Up window (copied over from another page) not visible or active. I thought I had removed it by choosing “no-Pop-up” in stead of “remove Pop-up”. This “hidden” Pop-up was positioned beneath the summary text, hence causing the white space (as the pop-up wasn’t visible). After removing this Pop-up, by choosing the “Full-page” view and using the layers panel, I spotted this Pop-up. All now functions as supposed to.

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